Travel Diary: Garden Gate

mini garden gate   I don't think you have to travel to Europe to see beautiful garden gates. They seem to be almost universal. Simple gates, intricate gates, colorful gates, old gates, new gates, even ugly gates. But most of them are beautiful. What makes the ones in Portugal so stunning in my eyes, is that they seem to be constantly surrounded with growth. I was blown away by the lushness of Portugal's land. We arrived in November and left in January, a time when little is blooming in my home town of Texas or my transplant locations in the south. We didn't go a day in Portugal without seeing flowers. And everything was green. Or red or yellow or white or pink. Wild flowers, cultivated flowers, fruit trees, evergreens...I was amazed every day. Even the walls and roofs sometimes sprouted bursts of green. And the garden gates were always surrounded by beauty.

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  • Monika

    That is exactly why I loved to be in Spain, Portugal, the Iberian peninsula is always alive and offers a diversity few countries can. I certainly left a piece of my heart there…. I cannot wait to read more of your travel blogs. The one about the seagull almost made me cry , it is so beautiful and I can understand you so well because I felt that way when I had to leave Spain.
    Love you, take care

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