Travel Diary: Ending, Beginning, Continuing

Three months ago we visited this little fruit and veggie shop for the first time. Yesterday we visited for the last time. Today is the last day of our first European adventure. fruit stand a I'm not really sure how I feel. We've been living and traveling on this side of the world for 9 months now. We made the best friends in Portugal, saw the most beautiful scenery in Croatia and enjoyed amazing food and museums in Greece. In some ways this feels like an ending, and it is in away. I don't think we will ever live in Athens again. We'll never visit the veggie stand or the fruit market again, and this is the last time we'll have to risk taking the terrifying elevator to our 7th floor apartment. (I'm still worried I'll get stuck in it with my bags at 3am tomorrow morning and our plane will leave without us. If I never post again you'll know why.) In most ways though, it's not really not an end. Our journey continues. We're still nomads, traveling and journeying, making art and living life wherever we are. We're just traveling to the next place. Looking for new ground to walk on, new sights to greet our eyes, and always good food. Mmmm....I love good food. Endings and beginnings are always tied together. Maybe they're all just continuings.


  • Gwen

    Oh, Ruth. xoxoxoxox
    I want to share this on my facebook page but I don’t know how. Teach me when you get back. This is beautiful. I am so proud of ya’ll. xoxoxox

  • Melissa Fernandez

    I’ll be praying for you, and my brother, as you travel back to the States! Love you both!

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