Dangers we cannot see become even more dangerous. A crack in the ice is only a crack, but if one stumbles upon it unawares a crack can transform into a death trap.

Do you remember that feeling you had as a child after you woke up from a particularly frightening nightmare and you had to walk through the dark to the bathroom? That feeling that there were monsters or robbers or aliens waiting in the inky gloom to jump out and grab you? That's the feeling I imagine one would have during a hunt in the darkness of the Arctic winter. Only instead of imaginary monsters, there's a very real, very large polar bear out there...just waiting.

That's the story of this illustration. It's a story of darkness and danger and a longing for daylight. There aren't as many photos as normal in this post, because for this illustration I spent my time videoing the process instead of photographing it. It's the first video of my work that I've done, and it's coming soon! Until then, I'll leave you with these pictures.

2015-4-1 DSC_0596sm

Videoing the beginning of the collage stage.

2015-4-8 DSC_4825a sm

Starting to add layers and details.

Crow Polar Bear a sm

This is the second completed illustration for my upcoming children's book, Crow Brings The Daylight. See the very beginning of the story here and check back to follow along as the paintings develop.


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