Giving Up: Wedding Logs

Sometimes we have to give things up. Sometimes drawing makes the process a little easier and allows you to hold onto the memories without holding onto the object. This week's object? Our wedding logs. wedding log I married Matthew a couple months ago. We worked hard to have a beautiful, personal wedding that didn't cost much. We scoured thrift stores to find beautiful picnic blankets for people to sit on and searched curbs for the perfect logs to turn into seats. A few weeks before the wedding, we found a whole tree. One of our neighbor's trees blew over in a storm and they not only chopped it into perfect log chairs, they delivered them to our backyard when they were done. It was perfect. I remember looking out from the ceremony and seeing some of our closest friends sitting on those logs. Friends who came hundreds of miles to be a part of our celebration. It turns out that after that celebration is over, logs aren't great souvenirs and if you leave them in the yard long enough, eventually someone will put them out at the curb and someone else will come and take them away. And it's ok because, even when the day is gone, life goes on and becomes more beautiful every day. log drawing


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