Doodle: Ships at Sea

This is an evolving doodle. It began as a dragon, but I didn't like where it was going. It became an awkward, partially used page in my sketchbook, but I couldn't leave it like that because I hate to waste paper. Now I think it has become something much more interesting than an easily explainable dragon. It's a crooked little doodle.


  • Cindy D.

    Lovely doodle! Wonderful line work. I love the ships and shapes.

  • Finch

    I love this – and the story behind it – I feel like as artists, one of the most rewarding things happens when we’re able to turn what began as a mistake into something amazing and you’ve done that spectacularly here. It’s really really wonderful.

  • Efi Maryeli

    I love it!!! It’s so creative!!!

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