Crow Tells a Story

This is the story of my most ambitious collage painting yet. It's the story of many tiny pieces of painted paper, many hours of painstaking brush strokes, many marks adjusted and readjusted. It's also Crow's story. The story of a world where daylight illuminates animals and plants, rivers and streams, a world beyond the cold and the dark of the arctic ice. A world that stirs hope and longing. And both of these stories are told here, with pictures that hopefully speak much more clearly than any pile of words.

2015-7-29 DSC_9209a sm

2015-7-29 DSC_9212a sm

2015-7-30 DSC_9216a sm

2015-7-30 DSC_9234a sm

2015-7-29 DSC_9248a sm

2015-7-29 DSC_9265a sm

2015-7-31 DSC_9300a sm

2015-7-31 DSC_9305a sm

2015-8-14 DSC_9782a sm

2015-8-26 DSC_0153a sm

2015-8-28 DSC_0189a sm

2015-8-30 DSC_0334 a sm

2015-8-30 DSC_0336a sm

crow tells a story sm

If you're interested in a print of this piece, you can find it here. It's the only print from Crow Brings the Daylight that will be available before the book's publication, because honestly I just love it too much to wait.


  • Jennifer sipos

    Is that watercolor and gouache?

  • Jennifer sipos

    Super beautiful. Thanks for sharing your process.

  • Ruth

    Thanks so much Addie!

  • Addie

    Ruth, your work is so beautiful and inspiring… thank you for sharing!

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  • Ruth

    Thanks Jennifer, it’s all acrylic paint. The texture comes from painting on tissue paper.

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