Crow Snatches The Light

Crow steals the light sm

If you haven't already realized that I'm painting the illustrations for this book all out of order, this one should give it away. I finished "Crow Carries The Light" a couple of weeks ago, but this illustration I just finished comes a little earlier in the story. This is the moment when Crow steals the light from a pair of chubby baby hands. I know, I know, stealing balls of daylight from little babies is generally frowned upon. But Crow had good intentions. Or mischievous intentions. Or maybe a little of both.

2015-7-24 DSC_8970a sm

The basic shapes.

2015-7-23 DSC_9007a sm

Glueing them down...

2015-7-24 DSC_9023a sm

All glued down, ready for details!

2015-7-30 DSC_9270a sm

Highlighting the hands...

2015-7-30 DSC_9269a sm

And starting to bring out the shape of Crow's wings.

DSC_1781a sm



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