Crow Finds the Land of Light

2015-7-12 DSC_0213a sm

In the first illustration I finished for Crow Brings the Daylight, Crow spots daylight after flying until his wings were sore and he was almost ready to give up. (See the process of that illustration here.) Seeing that speck of daylight gave him enough strength to continue on, to find a place to land in the land of sunbeams and light.

I wanted these two moments to play off of one another visually. The earth covered in darkness and the earth covered in light. The moment of darkness breaking, and the moment of turning towards the warm earth, turning towards the light. In some ways these images mirror each other, in other ways they are quite different. I like the way they play off one another, leaning apart but not able to completely separate. It captures the feeling of creating the second illustration. Trying to create an image that can stand on it's own and dance with a partner is easy and challenging, fun and frustrating. So here are a few process photos, full of fun and frustration.


2015-6-18 DSC_7888a sm

The pieces before they are put together. Background, earth and crow.

2015-6-18 DSC_7891a sm

Crow, carefully cut out and ready to be glued down.

2015-6-20 DSC_7932a sm

This is the first time I've ever painted a layer before gluing all of them down. I painted the earth before adding crow in this illustration. It was an interesting change of pace.

2015-6-21 DSC_7940a sm

Clouds and land painted in, Crow collaged on top.

2015-6-30 DSC_8111a sm

Starting to add shape and details to Crow.

2015-7-10 DSC_8387a sm

Once Crow was glued down, it was clear that the painting needed even more detail. More clouds were added...

2015-7-10 DSC_8389a sm

...Along with hundreds of tiny dots. Dark dots to give the illusion of forests, red and yellow dots to spread subtle color through the earth.

2015-7-10 DSC_8395a sm

Crow needed more color too. Blue dots, red highlights and a few green stripes helped to tie him to the rest of the painting.

2015-7-12 DSC_0216a sm

You might not notice all the details in the finished piece, but if they weren't there I promise you'd notice something was missing!


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