Coming In For A Landing

Coming in for a landing sm

In many Inuit stories, Crow is a bit of a mischief maker. He plays tricks to get his way and sometimes it's a little unclear if Crow is a good guy or a bad guy. In Crow Brings The Daylight, Crow definitely falls under the good guy category for the Inuit people, but he still plays a few tricks. Namely, he shrinks himself down to sneak into a house with a ball of daylight. This illustration is the moment of shrinking, when he hides himself on a girl's collar and rides his way into her home. It's there that he spots the ball of daylight and eventually makes himself large again in order to steal it.

2015-7-23 DSC_8991a sm

Painted tissue paper, cut and ready to be glued.

2015-7-23 DSC_8999a sm

Arranging the pieces.

2015-7-23 DSC_9003a sm

Gluing the overlapping layers.

2015-7-24 DSC_9016a sm

All the pieces glued down and ready for the next step.

DSC_0357a sm

First add highlights...

DSC_1159a sm

And also shadows.

DSC_1783a sm

A few more adjustments, and the painting is complete!


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