Can Art Feed The Hungry?

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Today I'm going to blog a little differently. Normally I post my process photos and talk about the painting, but this time I'm going to talk about something else. My Crow Brings The Daylight book officially releases this Friday (preorder here!) and I want to talk about a part of this project that I haven't really mentioned yet. It's actually one of the most important aspects of this project to me.

I've sometimes doubted my journey in illustration because it doesn't feel like enough. I believe that art is an incredible gift to humankind and no one should be without it, but a painting rarely puts food in a hungry stomach or gives illiterate children the gift of reading. So how do I feed the hungry, teach the world and create art? I can't start my own non-profit (at least not yet), but I can share stories through paintings and give a little back at the same time.

Twenty percent of all the profits from the sale of Crow Brings The Daylight are going to a non-profit called "Save The Children."

I love this organization for a few reasons. First, they work in 120 different countries, all over the world, including the USA. Second, they work hard not only to provide food for hungry kids, but also early education so that their chances of breaking the cycle of poverty are much higher. Third, an amazing amount of the money donated goes straight to their programs (89%!)

If you want to learn more about where the money goes, check out this video, or watch this one for details on how they work in the USA. I won't change the world with this book, or feed every hungry child, but I can give a little back. And if you buy a book, you're a part of helping me do that. (So thank you!)

By the way, if you can't afford to purchase this book, but would like a digital copy, please send me an email. Money should never be a barrier to sharing stories.

And if you don't want a book, but still want to give, you can do so at! Maybe art can't feed the hungry alone, but I hope that in this small way a painting (or in this case 19 of them) can make a difference.


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